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Clover Consulting, LLC

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

About Me


With over a decade of experience in the many aspects of bookkeeping and accounting services, I know what it takes to run a successful business and have been doing so for over 13 years.  I have my Bachelors of Science in Accounting and I have the skills and integrity you are looking for in an accountant.  

Are you interested in help with managing bookkeeping tasks such as payroll, accounts receivable or accounts payable? Do you need accounting services such as preparing financials for you to deliver to your tax adviser? 

I have the qualifications to get the job done. 

Why "Clover" Consulting? The clover is a symbol of respect, wealth and good health.  It also represents that one has successfully come to a resolution of a problem.  It is my desire that my skills and abilities can bring resolution to your accounting needs, assisting your company in achieving its optimum wealth. 


How Can I Help?

Legal Research and Writing

General Bookkeeping

The role of a bookkeeper is multifaceted. I will work with you to determine the individual needs of your company and then assist you with payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, managing bank transactions, general ledger entries and other tasks you may require. I will lay the groundwork for your tax adviser and serve as a translator between you and your tax preparer, when needed.

Accounting Services

Accounting services include recording, interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting and summarizing financial data.  I will also analyze financial transactions in financial statements and business reports to assure your company is following policies according to GAAP accounting principles, standards and requirements.

Market Analysis

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